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I write character-driven dark fiction.
What do you do?

Greetings and salutations, readers and writers! My name is Rob Smales, and this is my website; a place for stories to be told and talked about, and for me to occasionally pat myself on the back for getting something published. 

Site Under Construction!

I'm in the process of giving the site an overhaulin between writing, editing, and working a day job (yep, in that order). Please bear with me.

Navigation menus may change. Sidebars will change. Things will be updated. Some stuff will be added. Some stuff will disappear.

Come on back every once in a while and check out the progress. I'd love to have you.

New Release!

From the writers of The Storyside comes the third installment in the Insanity Tales series: Insanity Tales III: Seasons of Shadow!

brilliant grad student who creates a powerful new drug that pushes the imagination to its darkest edge.

woman becomes lost in the catacombs beneath an ancient church, only to discover she’s not alone.

A young boy is seduced by a sinister technology.

Two lovers  encounter a bizarre creature at a secluded beach.

Featuring my stories, "A Bee" and "Tracks in the Snow."

Available June 6, 2017, at Amazon.

(Read an excerpt HERE)

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